Oxford Lasers Micromachning Systems

Laser Micromachining Systems

We propose a wide range of R&D and industrial laser systems. We build them with the aim that the laser machine meets and exceeds your requirements.

Alpha Series / Ultra-compact laser micromachining system Alpha Series / Ultra-compact Micromachining System

The Alpha is a genuinely capable micromachining system that fits onto a tabletop. The compact class 1 enclosure has a footprint of only 800mm*800mm, yet contains many of the features that are available in our larger systems. The infrared and visible options allow capable R&D machining of metals and ceramics. The ultra violet option allows micro machining of some polymers.

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A Series / Système de Micro Usinage Compact A Series / Compact Laser Micromachining System

The A Series offers high accuracy laser micromachining (microdrilling, microcutting and micromilling) in a highly affordable package. Ideal for the budget concious researcher or production manager.

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Système de Micro Usinage sur Mesure C Series / Production Laser Micromachining System

A robust laser micromachining system designed for high-throughput production. Designed as a machine-tool, ready to fit into your production facility. C Series systems can be configured for micro-drilling, micro-cutting, micro-milling or for a combination of processes.

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Série E / Système de Micro Usinage Laser pour la Recherche E Series / Research Laser Micromachining System

The E-Series is designed to make your laser micro-machining R&D as simple as possible. With a full range of lasers and accessories, the E-Series is the ideal tool for research requiring laser micro-drilling, micro-cutting and micro-milling of the highest quality. E Series laser micromachining systems combine flexibility with very high accuracy and stability.

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Série J / Système de Micro Usinage Laser Ultrafast G Series / Dual Beam Laser Micromachining System

A dual wavelength laser micromachining system offering high throughput in a demanding industrial setting, or high-quality, high-flexibility process development in an R&D environment.

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J Series J Series / Ultrafast Laser Micromachining System

Picosecond laser micromachining can be used for the most challenging applications. The J Series combines the precision of picosecond laser micro machining with Oxford Lasers’ high stability granite structure and intuitive control software.

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ProbeDrill Probe Drill Laser System

The ProbeDrill 355 is specially designed for production of probe cards. With the ability to drill micro-holes down to 50 microns diameter in all probe card materials, the ProbeDrill is the answer to current and future production needs.

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Custom system Custom Micromachining System

Sometimes users need something special to optimise the system for their process. This may range from a leading edge Ultrafast micromachining research project to a production application requiring a multiple heads for high speed parallel processing.

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