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The Laser System Specialists

Proudly supplying Industry and Universities with Laser Micromachining systems and Imaging systems for almost 30 years. Our dedicated and experienced team is available to answer your questions.

History and background of Oxford Lasers

In 1977 the company was one of the first spin-outs from Oxford University in the UK. Since then it has always been a free standing, privately owned business working with advanced laser technologies and their applications.

The company started by producing advanced gas lasers and was soon producing its own Copper Vapour Lasers (CVLs). Through the 1980s they were used extensively for uranium enrichment for nuclear power. In 1990 the break-up of the Soviet Union lead to large quantities of enriched uranium becoming available and the demand for uranium enrichment dried up.

However, the CVL with its nano second pulse length, high power and excellent beam quality was the ideal laser for the new technology of short pulse laser micromachining and the company evolved naturally into this field. This CVL heritage meant that we one of the first companies in the field and since 1990 we have run 1000s of different jobs in our Application Lab. This  gives us a unique width and depth of experience. We also use this experience in the design of our micromachining systems, allowing us to supply the ideal system and its associated process for a particular application.

In the last 20 years solid state laser technology has evolved steadily and now these are the lasers of choice for short pulse micromachining. Today we would offer a CVL only in the most exceptional circumstances.

The CVL, with its ability to produce a stream of high power nano second pulses also makes an ideal light source for imaging small, high speed particles. In parallel with its move into micromachining the company formed its Imaging Division, dedicated to the measurement and analysis of small fast moving particles, sprays, short events and high brightness processes such as welding.

Company Objective

Oxford Lasers retains its close links with Universities and is part of several international collaborative research projects. The company objective is to supply practical, usable solutions to commercial companies and applied research labs based upon leading edge academic research.


The company offers :

subcontract-bannerSub-Contract Laser Micromachining

Dedicated laser micro machining facilities for feasibility trials, R&D, process development, sub-contract manufacture.

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ASeries_bannerLaser Micromachining Systems

Fully automated laser micromachining systems for drilling, cutting, marking and general micro machining.

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Imaging backgroundImaging

Our Imaging department manufacture high speed imaging systems for particle, droplet and bubble size measurement, spray pattern analysis, flame and weld viewing and PIV. Our advanced systems let you see what’s really happening.

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Imaging backgroundImaging Products

Systems for the measurement of particle, bubble and droplet diameters.

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Oxford Lasers employs expert Ph.D. scientists and engineers to help you select the most appropriate system and then help in its use. Our expert technical team can also work with end users to develop custom solutions for most applications in these sectors.

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