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View of Oxford Lasers UK offices and laboratories in Didcot (near Oxford).

History and background of Oxford Lasers

Founded in 1977 by Physicists from the University of Oxford the company began with a simple aim, to make and sell excimer lasers. From humble beginnings with 4 founders Oxford Lasers was born.

The company was soon producing its own Copper Vapour Lasers (CVLs) which were used extensively for uranium enrichment during the 1980’s.

The 1990’s saw a decline in the Uranium enrichment market, however, the CVL’s proved to be the ideal laser for short pulse laser micromachining and the company was able to use their extensive knowledge to develop both micromachining services and systems.

As with any technology, time has seen a shift towards solid state laser technology which are today’s laser of choice for short pulse laser micromachining.

In parallel with the laser micromachining systems and services, Oxford Lasers also understood the potential for using lasers as a light source for imaging high speed events and thus formed its Imaging Division.  Dedicated to the measurement and analysis of small fast moving particles, sprays, short events and high brightness processes.

Today, Oxford Lasers is a world-leading supplier of advanced laser micromachining and imaging systems and services. It retains its close links with Universities and is part of several international collaborative research projects.

Proudly supplying Industry and Universities since 1977.


The company offers :

Sub-Contract Laser Micromachining

Dedicated laser micro machining facilities for feasibility trials, R&D, process development, sub-contract manufacture.

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Laser Micromachining Systems

Fully automated laser micromachining systems for drilling, cutting, marking and general micro machining.

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Imaging backgroundImaging

Our Imaging department manufacture high speed imaging systems for particle, droplet and bubble size measurement, spray pattern analysis, flame and weld viewing and PIV. Our advanced systems let you see what’s really happening.

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Imaging backgroundImaging Products

Systems for the measurement of particle, bubble and droplet diameters.

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Oxford Lasers, Inc
2 Shaker Road, Unit B104, Shirley, MA 01464, USA

Oxford Lasers Ltd.
8 Moorbrook Park, Didcot, Oxon, UK, OX11 7HP

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  • T: +44 (0)1235 812255 (imaging)
  • E: oxford.ltd@oxfordlasers.com

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