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Contract and system rental services to allow you to understand your process or to complete a feasibility study.

One of our technical experts can work with you on your site to get real answers about your particles, droplets, spray or flow. Alternatively, providing your experiment is portable, you can come to our labs and work with us to measure your system.

We’ve already worked with customers from many industries including Pharmaceutical, Fire Suppression, Aerospace and Automobile to characterise their devices and processes. Contact us to get started.

System Rental

High performance systems are available for rental with or without an operator to allow you to understand your process over longer periods.

Available systems include:

Envision Pharma R&D System

A complete, integrated R&D system solution for pulmonary drug device development. The Envision Pharma R&D system offers spray velocity and flow visualisation in addition to spray pattern and spray plume geometry measurements. The flexible, fully adjustable mountings allow you to develop the ideal measurement configuration for your device, ready to move into production QC.

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VisiSize N60

When you really need to measure the drop diameter distribution in a fast moving spray, the VisiSize N60 is the ideal spray characterization system.

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Firefly PIV and Imaging Laser

The 300W Firefly laser is designed with PIV, particle sizing and spray pattern measurement in mind. It features a compact laser head with integrated adjustable optics to allow the thickness/throw of a light sheet to be controlled to match the system that you are imaging. The air-cooled head is fully splashproof (and a waterproof option is available, which can be submerged to allow measurements underwater).

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VisiVector LG series

The VisiVector LG series systems allow measurement of higher speed flows and larger areas.

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