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Flame and Weld Viewing

> Flame and Weld Viewing

Look through the blinding welding glare

Look through the blinding welding glare and see into the heart of your welding process. VisiWeld systems can be used to capture movies through flames, welding arcs and explosions. When a welding arc or laser welding process is imaged with a normal camera, the high brightness of the plasma saturates the camera and the detail cannot be seen. VisiWeld systems eliminate the glare to give a clear image of the weld process.

High speed weld imaging system

VisiWeld systems allow you to make slow-motion movies of your welding process so that you can understand what’s really happening, or diagnose problems with your system. Welding system manufacturers can develop new techniques, and operators can optimise welding processes on new materials and geometries. See metal transfer from the filler wire to the work-piece, and

Weld Monitoring System

The VisiWeld mobile system allows a welder or robot operator to see exactly what is happening inside the welding arc with unparalleled clarity. Unlike spot cameras, the welding torch is completely visible without any glare, and the area around the melt-pool can be clearly seen.

Sparkler without visibrite: Conventional high speed movie of firework. Flame is over-exposed (white) and unburned region is under-exposed (black)

Sparkler with VisiBrite: VisiBrite movie of same firework. Note that the flame has disappeared, and we can clearly see the melting process.


  • Circuit breaker contact erosion
  • Plasma arc furnace monitoring
  • Laser welding visualization
  • Arc welding imaging
  • Aero-engine blade breaks
  • Metal arc spray viewing
  • Explosions

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