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How VisiWeld Works

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VisiWeld uses a laser to illuminate the subject with high brightness, narrow bandwidth light. A high speed camera fitted with a special filter captures only the laser light and rejects the broad-band light emitted by the subject under study. This allows the camera to see through welding plasmas, welding arcs, flames and bright explosions to record the details of processes which would otherwise be totally obscured by background light.

One important area of study is welding. The glare from an arc weld or the weld fireball of a laser welding process is impenetrable for most imaging systems. VisiWeld systems have been developed specifically for use in weld imaging.

Specially selected cameras and laser illuminators are combined to form extremely powerful VisiWeld, weld viewing systems, with frame rates from 60 fps to 1,000 fps. These powerful visualization tools enable particle flows within the weld pool to be studied.

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