Imaging background

Firefly 1000W Weld Viewing Laser

See through welding glare

Key benefits

  • Adjustable illumination up to 150mm diameter
  • Long stand-off distance
  • High power (1kW)
  • Continuous running at high framerate (up to 50kHz)
  • Illuminate much larger areas
  • See through brighter weld plasmas

The high-power 1kW Firefly is a high speed imaging laser designed specifically for weld viewing and other high-speed imaging techniques. The large beam is focussed with an adjustable, built-in lens to illuminate areas with a cross-section from 25mm-150mm, ideal for many welding processes. The large, bright spot from the laser makes it easy to overcome the glow from any type of welding process and see into the heart of the process.

Weld Viewing

The movie shows MAG welding captured at 2kHz with a 1kW Firefly laser and high-speed camera.

The high-power, monochromatic light from the Firefly imaging laser is perfect for weld-viewing applications as part of our Visiweld systems. You can look into a welding event and see molten metal transfer from the stick to the melt-pool, or visualise melt flow within the weld keyhole.

With the high-power Firefly, weld areas up to 150mm (6 inches in diameter) can be viewed without being affected by the welding arc. Because the laser is designed to work at longer range, the head can be up to 2m from the welding torch, meaning that you don’t have worry about protection or access to the welding area.

Complement your high speed camera

The Firefly laser has been designed with many imaging applications in mind, and can be triggered by most cameras out of the box. Versatile triggering control options allow the laser to capture frame-straddled PIV images (or time-resolved images) at frame rates up to 50kHz continuously. Of course, if you don’t have a camera we can supply a complete VisiWeld integrated weld viewing system.

Easy Laser Control

The same compact controller is used in the 1000W Firefly laser as in our lower power 300W Firefly laser. The controller simplifies set-up and has proven a hit with many of our customers worldwide. We can also supply software running on MS Windows to provide complete control of all the laser functions.


  • Arc weld viewing
  • Laser weld viewing
  • Furnace inspection
  • Plasma arc furnace viewing
  • Flame penetration imaging
  • Weld illumination
  • Weld inspection

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