Imaging background

Firefly PIV and Imaging Laser

Compact high speed imaging light source. Ideal for PIV.

Key Benefits

  • Compact, Robust Head
  • Easily integrated with cameras and systems
  • Water resistant case – no splash guards
  • Air cooled
  • Fully computer controlled
  • Ideal for high-speed PIV
  • Suitable for 3d and Volumetric PIV

The 300W Firefly laser is designed with PIV, particle sizing and spray pattern measurement in mind. It features a compact laser head with integrated adjustable optics to allow the thickness/throw of a light sheet to be controlled to match the system that you are imaging. The air-cooled head is fully splashproof (and a waterproof option is available, which can be submerged to allow measurements underwater).

Controllable Pulsed Diode Laser

A simple front panel allows easy access to all device settings. The laser can also be controlled directly from a PC with the Firefly commander software (USB cable required) or via other software as part of an Oxford Lasers imaging system.

The Firefly laser is designed to fit seamlessly into any high-speed imaging system, regardless of the camera that is used. The laser can be triggered externally from a camera and will sync with analogue and digital cameras with ease. It also has an internal oscillator that will run up to the model’s maximum frequency to allow the laser to act as the master clock.


The Firefly laser has proven its ability in a huge range of imaging applications, from viewing various welding techniques, measuring capturing high-fidelity images of powder and sprays in Pharmaceutical devices to Volumetric PIV in aerospace experiments.

  • Variable pulse duration: 0.2-100µs
  • Range of maximum repetition rates: 100Hz – 50kHz
  • Burst mode: Output 1-10 pulses per trigger signal with variable separation (ideal for PIV)
  • Programmable trigger delay: Correct for differing response times between different pieces of hardware
  • Internal oscillator: Control other devices from the laser
  • Upgradeable Waterproof case: IP66 case option
  • Fully adjustable focussing optics: Change settings without replacing lenses – just turn the focus knob!

Compact controller

The laser head measures just 70x125x200mm with tapped holes on most faces, which makes mounting simple and setup easy. The controller is powered from a single mains socket, and contains all the control electronics.


The Firefly range is available with a wide range of accessories, including liquid light guide delivery systems, fan-out lenses and diffuser systems.


  • Particle Size Measurement
  • Particle Image Velocimetry
  • High Speed Imaging
  • Weld Viewing
  • Flow Visualisation
  • Spray Patternation and Plume Geometry


  • Average Power:  300W (0.2-30mJ pulses)
  • Pulse Duration: 0.2-100us
  • Wavelength: 808nm
  • Frequency: 1Hz-50kHz (Dependant on model). Output is subject to 1% duty cycle limit
  • Timing Jitter: 5ns
  • Laser Type: Diode Laser
  • Beam Delivery: Fibre Beam Delivery Option

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