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VisiSize N60

Online Droplet Size Analysis of fast moving sprays

Key Benefits

  • Get a picture of the spray formation and atomisation process
  • Measure particle size and droplet size and shape of any material
  • Measure velocity of particles and droplets
  • Easy to use
  • Particle sizing data and (optional) velocity with direction data
  • Direct measurement of particle and droplet size

When you need to measure the particle or droplet diameter distribution in a fast moving spray, the VisiSize N60 is the ideal particle characterization system. Designed to capture clear images of small particles travelling at up to Mach 3, few things move too quickly for the VisiSize N60 droplet size measurement system.

The Visisize N60 particle and droplet sizing system uses a high-resolution camera with a wide field of view to capture images of a large number of droplets. This ensures a high data rate and allows the system to provide droplet shape data as well. It also means that the same imaging system can provide extremely high resolution images of the droplet formation and ligament break-up process. These images add an extremely powerful intuitive understanding of the process for R&D and trouble shooting. The combination of quantitative and qualitative data makes image based droplet diameter and particle size measurement far more powerful than any other particle size measurement technique.

Optional accessories allow the particle sizing system to be used for plume geometry and pattern measurement as well.


  • Agricultural spray characterization
  • Paint spray characterization
  • Consumer aerosol spray analysis
  • Fire suppression/extinguisher analysis
  • Bubble size measurement
  • Drug delivery device (e.g. nasal sprays and MDI) characterization
  • Automotive fuel injector characterization


  • Minimum particle diameter:  2µm (variable with zoom lens)
  • Maximum particle velocity: 1000m/s (20µm particle, varies with particle diameter)
  • System Dynamic Range: 200

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