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VisiSize P15

Droplet and Particle Size Analysis of Sprays in a Portable Package

P15 system with laptop

VisiSizeP15 for in field spray analysis

Key benefits

VisiSize P15 in case

VisiSize P15, the truly portable imaging and measurement tool

  • Simple to use particle and droplet size measurement
  • Provides images of the spray formation process
  • Compact, portable package
  • Standard VisiSize software
  • Robust packaging


VisiSize P15 is a complete integrated particle and droplet size measurement system. The one-piece, sealed enclosure completely eliminates any set-up or adjustment and lets you get straight to measuring your process.

Portable system in the field

True ‘In Field’ analysis

When you need to make particle or droplet size analysis in the field, the VisiSize P15 is the ideal instrument. In addition to measurement of the droplet size distribution, the VisiSize P15 is a powerful spray imaging system.

While providing accurate particle and droplet diameter distribution data, the system can also provide close up images of the spray formation and break-up process. This adds a very powerful tool for research and trouble shooting, which is not available from any other drop sizing system.


  • On-site drop sizing
  • Agricultural/agro-chemical spray analysis
  • Fire suppression system analysis
  • Nozzle characterization
  • Troubleshooting and R&D


  • Particle Size Range: Fixed, specify with order
  • Minimum particle size: 25µm
  • Particle size dynamic range: 175

Particle analysis capabilities

  • Liquid
    • Air inclusion – Critical for agricultural sprays is the presence of air inclusions in the droplets reducing drift and bounce. Therefore visualisation capability of the inclusions formed within the droplets aids in nozzle validation of capability.
    • Transparent and Opaque – Sizing accuracy is not affected by the optical properties of the droplet being measured.
  • Solid
    • Angular – Providing the shape of the particles/droplets enables accurate measurement.

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