Imaging background

VisiWeld System

Real time weld pool visualization system

Key benefits

  • Works with any type of welding technology
  • Portable Package
  • Allows real time melt pool viewing
  • Non destructive viewing
  • Live view of the Weld
  • Complementary with other visualization techniques

View what’s happening inside a welding process whilst it’s happening. The VisiWeld range of systems capture images of processes that you’ve never seen before. Use VisiWeld systems for welding process development, weld problem diagnosis and remote welding inspection and welding system control.

Laser illumination

In a VisiWeld system the weld fireball is illuminated using a laser and the camera is fitted with a filter that only allows the laser wavelength through. This means that most of the light from the weld fireball (which emits a broad range of wavelengths) is blocked. Using this technique the light from the fireball can be reduced by a factor of 100 or more.

When imaging some bright subjects this technique can often allow good images to be obtained. However, welding processes tend to be too bright and a second technique must be used in combination with the narrow band illumination so that good quality images to be obtained.

Short pulse illumination

The weld fireball emits light continuously whilst lasers can be configured to deliver short pulses of light. Using a camera with a fast shutter that is only active during the laser pulse allows the light from the fireball to be minimised without reducing the amount of laser light seen. In this way the light from the fireball can be decreased by a factor of 100 or more. Combining the two techniques can reduce the effective brightness of the fireball by a factor of over 10,000 allowing welding processes to be imaged with remarkable clarity.

Four standard VisiWeld systems are offered.

View Weld Melt Pool Record Images of welding event High Speed Recording/ Slow-motion playback
VisiWeld Mobile Yes No No
VisiWeld 500 Yes Yes Yes, 500Hz
VisiWeld 2000 Yes Yes Yes, 2000Hz
VisiWeld 10000 Yes Yes Yes, 10000Hz

The VisiWeld Mobile is designed for system monitoring and applications which require a human operator to control the process. The 500 fps system is suited to studies where time resolution is not essential. Where a time resolved view is needed, the 2,000 and 10,000 fps systems allow time-resolved imaging. Frame rates up to 100,000 fps are possible with a reduced field of view.

Other configurations are available – for more information contact us, or see the detailed applications brief.


  • Arc welding
  • Laser welding
  • R&D
  • Troubleshooting

Key Specifications

  • Wide range of cameras available
  • Frame Rates from 60fps to 50,000fps (depending on system)
  • Field of view up to 200mm (8 inches) across

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