Particle and Droplet Size Measurement

Real-Time Spray Droplet and Particle Size Measurement

Measure the size and shape of particle, droplets or bubbles with image-based analysis. VisiSize online droplet sizing systems capture high-speed images of a particle cloud, spray (e.g. for water droplet size measurement) or bubble stream to give the drop size distribution. In addition to measuring the particle diameter distribution, Oxford Lasers imaging systems also provide real-time particle velocity and shape analysis.

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  • VisiSize Sizing Systems

    From a self contained, fully portable field tool to a versatile, class 1 laser safe mobile lab tool, you can view our full range of sizing systems here.

  • How Sizing Works

    A short flash of light illuminates a screen, which acts as a bright background behind the subject spray. The short pulse freezes the motion of the particles, allowing blur-free visualization of …

  • Applications

    Our VisiSize systems can be used for a wide variety of applications. click the image for more details and access to application note downloads.

  • Visisize Particle Sizing Software

    VisiSize is our best-in-class particle sizing software and is the heart of our particle sizing systems. The software analyses particle images and produces a particle …

  • VisiSize Replaces PDA

    An Oxford Lasers Visisize system makes an ideal replacement for an ageing PDA system and adds capability that PDPA cannot offer. The image-based …

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