How Sizing Works

A short flash of light illuminates a screen, which acts as a bright background behind the subject spray. The short pulse freezes the motion of the particles, allowing blur-free visualization of drop size and shape. Images from the digital camera are transferred to a computer and high-speed real-time particle sizing software analyses the images obtained in order to build up the diameter distribution.

Individual Particle Measurements

Unlike Laser Diffraction systems, VisiSize systems measure individual particles as they pass through the measurement volume. There is no curve-fitting, no approximation and no large particles are ignored.

Velocity Measurement

Discover how fast your particle stream is actually moving. Correlate droplet size against velocity to see which particles are the fastest.

Simple Calibration

Our complete systems come with standard calibrations, verified in the lab, to reduce set-up time and help prevent calibration errors. All you need to do is select the correct calibration file in the software, and your system is fully calibrated to measure in and out-of-focus droplets.

Out of Focus Measurement

Our powerful size measurement algorithm is able to measure droplets and particles whether they are in focus or not. Our software corrects for the blurred particles and reports the particle diameter as if it were perfectly in focus. This means that a VisiSize system can measure particles in a three-dimensional volume, not a two-dimensional plane.


Produce high quality light sheets from fibre delivered light. When your laser needs to be remote from your experiment, or you wish to dispense with complicated bulk-optic arrangements, the Fiber Sheet is the answer.

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Articulated Light Arm

The articulated mirror arm is an integrated light guide for delivering controlled laser illumination to the measurement plane in Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) experiments.

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