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VisiSize is our best-in-class particle sizing software and is the heart of our particle sizing systems. The software analyses particle images and produces a particle size distribution and velocity distribution in real-time.

VisiSize can measure objects whatever their shape or morphology measure liquid droplets, solid particles and bubbles. Similarly, VisiSize does not fit data to any model, so what you measure really is what’s there.

Velocity Measurements

Sometimes you need to know how fast a particle or spray droplet is moving. VisiSize features a robust particle tracking algorithm that produces size-velocity correlations and allows you to see the velocity of your spray drops or particles at the same time as measuring their particle size.

Velocity measurements are at the core of calculating mass flux in a spray or particle flow, and are a valuable tool in understanding the nature of your system.

Capable, Simple, Intuitive Particle Size Measurements

  • Measure the size of particles, drops, droplets, and bubbles
  • Accurate for all particle subject shapes
  • Accurate for out-of-focus images
  • Measure size distributions from back-lit images
  • Automated particle size analysis
  • Visual validation of experimental set-up
  • Cost effective particle size and velocity analysis

VisiSize reports the main statistics that you care about including volume mean, number mean and Sauter mean. Data is presented in standard histogram format for easy digestion to help you understand your process.

When you need to see that little bit deeper into your process, VisiSize offers image capture to allow you to make clear, sharp movies of the particles or droplets as they pass the camera. When you are making measurements, the software will store particle size, particle shape, perimeter (and particle velocity and position, if enabled) for every single object that it measures.

Reliable Particle Size Measurement

Proven in numerous applications as the core of Oxford Lasers successful turn-key sizing instruments, VisiSize offers a faster, more intuitive and cost effective alternative to other data analysis options.


VisiSize particle size measurement software works with a range of different particle imaging systems. Using Oxford Lasers’ ultra-fast PDIA (particle / droplet image analysis) algorithm, VisiSize performs size measurement and also size-vs-velocity distributions at rates of up to 30000 drops per second. It is ideal for measuring the particle size and velocity of sprays, bubble columns, multi-phase flows and crystallization.


VisiSize for measurement of size distributions in:

  • Bubble columns
  • Bubble reactors
  • Deodorant sprays
  • Hair sprays
  • Agricultural sprays
  • Fire suppression sprays
  • Fuel injector sprays
  • Airborne powders


When you only need to make measurements without the online capability, we have VisiSize Solo. VisiSize Solo takes images from your existing imaging system, calculates the size of drops / droplets, particles or bubbles present and corrects for out of focus images.

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