VisiSize Replaces PDA

VisiSizer is an alternative to PDA/PDPA

Key facts:

  • Easy to set up
  • Accurate particle or droplet size measurement
  • Accurate individual particle or droplet velocity measurement
  • Measure droplet direction
  • Works in areas with high temperature gradients

Accurate particle and droplet size and velocity measurement

An Oxford Lasers Visisize system makes an ideal replacement for an ageing PDA system and adds capability that PDPA cannot offer. The image-based particle sizing technique is easy to set up, since it’s just like taking a photograph, accurate and user friendly.

The system comprises a pulsed light source to illuminate the particles, droplets or bubbles that you are interested in and a camera with a microscope lens to capture their image. Powerful software then analyses the image and calculates particle size and particle velocity.

Works in Harsh Environments

VisiSize systems are designed to work in harsh environments. VisiSize can handle everything from high thermal gradients inside spray drying systems to arctic conditions. The measurement head is waterproof and ruggedly constructed.

Extra Capability

Where Visisize really offers an advantage is in delivering additional information. The high-magnification image-based measurement allows you to capture the particles in-flight (e.g. breaking off from the nozzle) without any motion-blur. Furthermore, VisiSize’s velocity measurement reports both speed and direction, unlike a standard PDPA system.

Simple Experimental Alignment

A VisiSize system requires almost no complicated alignment: simply arrange the camera and light source opposite one another on the (supplied) optical rail. Because the system uses direct imaging, you can see in real-time whether your system is collecting good-quality images, which makes tuning the system easy and fast. Once the images look good, you’re ready to collect data.

Learn about our simple, intuitive software interface which allows complete control of the various measurement parameters and shows the measured particle size distribution as it builds up.

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