Spray Pattern and Plume Geometry Measurement

> Spray Pattern and Plume Geometry Measurement


Measure spray pattern and plume geometry in nasal sprays, soft mist inhalers (SMI), metered dose inhalers (MDI) and dry powder inhalers (DPI). Envision spray pattern and plume geometry systems are designed to provide an automatic, objective measurement of the shape, size and duration of the spray from your device.

  • Measure spray pattern of your device
  • Measure plume geometry
  • Measure spray duration
  • Capture high speed movies of device actuation
  • Integrated, objective automated image capture and analysis

Automated, Objective Measurement

Envision Pharma systems use a high-speed camera and powerful firefly laser to capture slow-motion movies of your device operation. This movie lets you see what’s happening in your device spray or spray and understand how it’s working. Powerful software analyses the movie and measures key parameters like the dimensions of the spray pattern, cone angle of the plume (plume geometry) and the duration of the event.

Easy operation

Envision:Patternate software allows the expert user to define the complete analysis protocol, from how the images are captured and analysed to how the results are reported. With the QC option, an operator simply has to choose the protocol relevant to their device and load the device. This means that it’s simple and quick to repeatedly analyse large batches of devices in the Quality Control department.

FDA submission

Envision:Patternate software is fully 21 CFR pt. 11 compliant, so it’s ready to submit data to the FDA for product quality control purposes. And, because the QC functionality is built on top of the standard Patternate software, product measurement techniques can be quickly moved from the development laboratory to the production line.

From device manufacturers to Pharma companies

Spray Pattern Measurement Systems are used for characterization of many types of spray including: nasal sprays, SMI (soft mist inhalers), MDI (metered dose inhaler), DPI (dry powder inhalers), agricultural, water, paint, fuel injectors and domestic aerosols. Spray patternation systems capture images of the spray and calculate its pattern, cone angle / plume geometry and time evolution. Optional software and hardware allow droplet size measurement and velocity measurement.

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