How Envision Works

Cone angle / Plume Geometry Measurement


For cone angle and  plume geometry analysis of an aerosol or spray a laser lightsheet slices through the plume and a high speed movie is taken. Images from the movie are combined and the cone angle and plume geometry measured with Envision:Patternate software. The real power of automated analysis is that it removes the plume geometry discrimination from the user, and automates the whole process.

A sample composite image is shown above for a metered dose inhaler (MDI) with cone angle marked.

Spray Pattern / Ellipticity Measurement

For ellipticity / pattern characterization the laser lightsheet is repositioned and again a high speed movie is taken.

Images of the aerosol plume are combined and an ellipse is fitted to the resulting ensemble providing a measurement of the spray pattern. The maximum and minimum chords across the ellipse are measured and can be automatically reported.

A sample composite image, with fitted ellipse marked, is shown (High speed movie, merged image and processed image)

Flexible when you need it

Envision Patternate software is designed to provide the maximum flexibility when you need to design your experimental algorithm. The QC module then allows the algorithm to be turned into a 21 CFR pt. 11 compliant method, complete with a full audit trail and multi-level user access.

 A Powerful Development Tool

In addition to providing quantitative data, the Envision systems can provide images of the break-up and droplet formation process. This can provide an extremely valuable insight into the process and aid product develpoment and troubleshooting.


  • Characterizations of:
  • Pharmaceutical devices in R & D and for FDA (nasal sprays, SMIs, MDIs, DPIs)
  • Domestic aerosols (deodorants, hair sprays etc…)
  • Fuel Injectors sprays
  • Paint application sprays
  • Pesticide application nozzles
  • Fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems

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