Spray Analysis Software

Have you ever wondered what shape the spray or aerosol you have really produces? For a variety of reasons, soft mist inhalers, metered dose inhalers (MDI), dry powder inhalers (DPI), nasal sprays and fuel injectors need characterization. Typically analysis of cone angle / plume geometry, spray pattern, ellipticity, spray duration, time history, spray density etc. is required to pass engineering and regulatory standards.

Envision Patternate spray analysis software for non-intrusive, automatic spray pattern and plume geometry analysis is suitable for characterisation of a wide range of liquid plumes and aerosols including soft mist inhalers, metered dose inhalers, nasal devices, fuel injectors, paint sprays, agricultural / pesticide delivery systems, fire suppression. Envision spray analysis software provides measurement of:

  • Cone angle (Plume geometry)
  • Plume cone width
  • Cone or Plume height
  • Spray Pattern Ellipticity
  • Spray Pattern Size
  • Spray Event Duration

For spray characterisation the user provides an image or high speed movie of the appropriate spray cross-section (of course, you can also use our spray pattern and plume geometry measurement systems). The software then performs a number of measurements:

Cone Angle / Plume Geometry measurement

EnVision performs characterisation on a single image or can combine a sequence of images of the spray to form a composite image and then measures the cone angle, direction, plume geometry and other user-definable parameters.

Spray Pattern Measurement

The spray analysis software can perform the analysis on a single image or a combination of images. An ellipse or number of ellipses are then fitted to the image and all the key parameters of the ellipse reported.

Spray Duration Measurement

The analysis is performed on a series of images from a high speed movie and a time history of the event created. Use this information to understand the dose emission profile.

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