Particle Size Measurement


In Field Training

Crop protection is a major challenge for the Agricultural industry. Controlling disease, reducing chemical application rates and minimising environmental impact are among the challenges faced.

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Spray Drying
Droplet size and shape information are critical parameters within spray drying due to their impact on the physico-chemical properties of the final and the effect on the performance/behaviour of the final product
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Fuel Sprays
The droplet size distribution is critical for fuel efficiency and effective combustion development within compressed and spark ignition engines as this directly impacts the effective mixture preparation of the fuel in the engine.
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Industrial Nozzles
Droplet size and velocity are key characteristics of industrial sprays and represent the quantifiable characteristics that enable the optimisation of the conditions used to generate the spray for the specific application. 
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Shower Development
There are several factors that influence shower development; including disease prevention, environmental considerations and, of course, user experience.  
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