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Drilling fine pitch vertical probe cards for semiconductor testing. We can routinely drill micro holes with diameters down to 50 microns. Advances in semiconductor manufacturing are placing additional demands on the suppliers of test equipment.

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The number of test points is increasing and the size and separation of the test pads is decreasing. Conventional (mechanical) drilling of probecards is becoming increasingly difficult and time consuming. An Oxford Laser guide plate drilling system is the solution.

Probe Card Drilling Systems

Oxford Lasers offers the next generation of laser via high precision drilling equipment for probecard production. Whether you need to drill Silicon Nitride or a polyimide substrate, the ProbeDrill can produce micro-holes at a rate of up to 1 per second, dramatically reducing production times and removing a major bottleneck in the process.

The ProbeDrill can drill all normal probecard substrate materials and thicknesses, with hole diameters down to 50 microns. Very good hole diameter tolerance can be maintained with controlled taper. We can achieve very high positional accuracy over semiconductor substrates up to 400 mm x 400 mm in area. Non-circular holes (square, rectangular, oval) can also be produced.

A wide variety of probe card substrate materials can be drilled including: silicon nitride, alumina, machinable ceramics, silicon, polyimide, Photoveel™, Vepsel™ and Cirlex™. Metals can be drilled and cut using the ProbeDrill, enabling a wide variety of micro-parts to be produced on one machine.

Images of Round Holes
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Images of Rectangular Holes
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Sub-contract production

In addition to offering laser micromachining systems, Oxford Lasers offers a sub-contract probe card drilling service. Our high accuracy, general purpose in house systems can machine probe-card substrates up to 150 mm x 150 mm in area. We have considerable experience in producing probe-cards for test or low volume production. This enables customers to build up their production volumes gradually before buying their own laser micromachining systems.

The ProbeDrill micromachining system is specifically designed for accurately drilling wafers to form guide plate and allows high throughput and accurate product every time.

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