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Our laser micro-hole drilling service provides access to world leading precision micro hole drilling technology. This service can be used for R&D as well as Full Production. Micro-hole sizes can be as low as 3 microns in thin materials.

Key facts

  • Minimum Possible Hole Size: typically 3 µm (microns) but as small as 1 µm in certain cases
  • Minimum Practical Hole Size: 5 µm (microns)
  • Maximum Material Thickness: typically 1.2 mm; but up to 2 mm in certain cases
  • Minimum Feature Size: Limited by a 30:1 aspect ratio
  • Suitable Materials: Most materials from Metals and Ceramics to Polymers and Glasses including and soft plastics and difficult to drill materials like Tungsten Carbide and Diamond

For micro-holes above 20 microns in diameter, we can use our proprietary optical trepanning technology to create micro-holes with unsurpassed roundness and controlled taper.

A variety of hole drilling techniques can be employed including percussion drilling, trepan hole drilling as well as drilling holes with scanners on the fly.

Within our subcontract facility we have a variety of infrared, visible and ultraviolet sources in both the nanosecond and ultrafast regime.

Got questions ?From an understanding of your requirements, we will select the correct wavelength and pulse duration for your application, if necessary develop the laser micro-hole drilling process and then produce the parts.

Numbers of micro-holes per part can range from one to tens of thousands.

Typical quantities of parts range from one-off for R&D, through 10s to 1000s of for pre-production hole drilling to tens of thousands per month for production hole drilling.

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To discuss your sub-contract micro-hole drilling requirements with an Applications Specialist please contact us.

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