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Patterns or shapes can be engraved onto any material. Laser micro-engraving and micro-marking is really a sub-set of laser micro-milling. Small amounts of material are removed by each laser pulse. The laser beam is scanned over the surface to produce the desired pattern. By altering the number of pulses at each point the depth of mark can be controlled. For ultra-clear marking it is often desirable to coat the substrate with a high contrast surface layer. Laser ablation of this layer exposes the underlying substrate material to give a vey high contrast mark. Microfeatures down to approximately 10 microns in diameter can be produced.


  • Surface micro-texturing
  • Selective ablation of thin metal and organic films :
    • As microelectronic devices shrink in size and weight, layers of sub-micron thickness are used to from circuitry within the devices.
    • Direct write laser patterning of these thin film layers is a fast emerging technology for forming circuitry in plastic electronic devices.
    • Ultrafast lasers are well-suited to the removal of thin film layers since the thin film can be removed before the acoustic/thermal shock can damage the underlying layers.

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