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Custom Micromachining SystemSometimes users need something special to optimise the system for their process. This may range from a leading edge Ultrafast micromachining research project to a production application requiring a multiple heads for high speed parallel processing.

Oxford Lasers recognise that many researchers or specialist manufacturers need a customized machine tool to enable them to carry out their laser machining. We can customise our standard system to meet these requirements or develop a customized system with full automation. We do this by first understanding the application and requirements and then, if appropriate, working with your engineers to specify the design.

Ultrafast Laser Systems

Ultrafast Laser machining is an area of great scientific interest. In ultrafast laser machining the laser pulse is shorter than the other processes taking place during laser ablation. Hence machining with ultrafast pulses offers considerable insight into the machining process. Oxford Lasers can supply special versions of our standard products, fitted with ultrafast lasers for research purposes.

It should be noted that for industrial / production micromachining, we would normally recommend users to purchase a picosecond or nanosecond laser tool due to the inherent increase in cost and complexity involved in operating in the femtosecond regime. While there will be industrial applications of femtosecond lasers in the future, it is important that potential users are fully aware of the potential difficultlies in operating with femtosecond sources. For production, femtosecond laser micromachinng systems should only be used if longer pulse (ps or ns) systems will not do the job.

Bespoke Systems

While Oxford’s standard laser micromachining systems are capable of a very wide range of processes, it is inevitable that there will be applications where a standard product cannot do the job. For these applications, we can offer a specialist design and build service to customise one of our standard systems for unusual applications. In most cases the system solution will be based around one of our standard systems and may incorporate multi-axis motion control, scanners, trepanning heads, machine vision for automated alignment or component recognition and customized software. In extremely specialised situations the degree of modification will require a completely custom design.

All industrial laser types including solid state (millisecond, microsecond, nanosecond, picosecond or femtosecond, IR, visible or UV), CO2 and excimer can be integrated.

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  • Laser processing research
  • Laser material interaction studies
  • Very leading edge industrial research and pilot production

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