G Series / Dual Beam Laser Micromachining System

Leading edge laser micro machining in a fully integrated package with dual beam capability

Key Benefits

  • Dual wavelength means that a wide range of materials can be processed
  • Vibration isolated granite construction for ultimate stability
  • Turn-key operation for maximum usability
  • Advanced CNC controller software

A dual wavelength laser micromachining system offering high throughput in a demanding industrial setting, or high-quality, high-flexibility process development in an R&D environment.

Some lasers are unsuitable for machining some materials – they are not suitably absorbed, making machining slow or ineffective. A dual wavelength system allows maximum flexibility by increasing the range of materials that you can machine. This capability allows composite materials to be processed, reducing process steps and reducing costs.

The turn-key system features a class 1 enclosure, which ensures that your operator remains safe. The vibration isolated granite machining bed ensures ultimate stability and guarantees maximum repeatability and minimum wastage in the parts produced.

Oxford Lasers’ advanced CNC controller and software means that you can go from CAD model to a produced part in one simple step, with single screen software control. The linear stage offer 300mm X-Y travel (optionally increased to 400mm) and 150mm Z. An on-axis vision system simplifies alignment and allows inspection of parts as they are finished.

If required, we can add trepanning systems, galvo scanners, taper reduction systems, auto-focus and auto-alignment, height and depth sensors, 4th and 5th axes (rotation), temperature stabilisation and fume extraction.


  • Mixed material laser processing
  • Process development
  • High-throughput machining
  • Thin-film scribing
  • Optoelectronics
  • Microelectronics


  • Wavelength: Choose the most suitable wavelengths for your application. (1064, 532, 355, 266, etc)
  • Laser Type: Diode Pumped Solid State

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