Probe Drill Laser System

Advanced Micro-Drilling System for Guide Plate Production

Key Benefits 
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  • Turn-key guide plate drilling system
  • Laser wavelength ideal for drilling all substrate materials
  • High precision hole drilling
  • Controlled taper and hole geometry
  • 0.05% hole diameter resolution

The ProbeDrill is specially designed for production of guide plates for vertical probe cards. With the ability to drill micro-holes down to 20 microns diameter in all guide plate materials, the ProbeDrill is the answer to current and future production needs.


The turn-key ProbeDrill system is designed to produce probe cards for testing semi-conductor wafers. Capable of drilling micro-holes with diameters less than 50µm with better than 5µm positional accuracy. The advanced PC based controller and RS274 G-code programming language make operating the system a single screen process.

Images of Round Holes
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Images of Rectangular Holes
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Ultimate hole drilling accuracy is achieved with a vibration isolated granite base whilst Oxford Lasers’ proprietary trepanning system guarantees extremely round holes. The trepanning system offers a range of maximum hole sizes, depending on your specific requirements, each with 0.05% resolution. Minimum hole diameter is 5µm. Probe cards up to 200mm x 200mm may be machined in one pass, although longer travel stages are available on request. An integrated taper control system ensures that holes are drilled with parallel sides and even allow negative tapers to be achieved. A high-magnification on-axis vision system aids alignment and allows process inspection.

GBquestions-greenIn common with our other systems, the ProbeDrill may be upgraded with 2.5D CADCAM, galvo scanners, auto-focus and auto-alignment, beam profiling, high-resolution off-axis cameras, various chuck options and height/depth sensors.


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