Laser Micromachining Systems

We are a specialist Laser System manufacturer providing a wide range of R&D and Industrial Laser Systems which can be configured with a variety of lasers types, from Nanosecond, Picosecond and Femtosecond Pulsed Lasers.

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If you would like to discuss system and laser options most suited to your application, our technical team are on hand and are happy to help. Contact us by phone or email.

A Series / Compact Laser Micromachining System

Compact Laser Micromachining System, the A Series is ideal for the budget concious researcher or production manager.

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C Series / Production Laser Micromachining System

Production Laser Micromachining System, the C Series is designed as a machine-tool, ready to fit into your production facility.

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E Series / Research Laser Micromachining System

Research Laser Micromachining System, the E-Series is designed to make your laser micro-machining R&D as simple as possible.

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G Series / Dual Beam Laser Micromachining System

Dual Beam laser micromachining system, the G Series offers high throughput in a demanding industrial setting, or high-quality, high-flexibility process development in an R&D environment.

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J Series / Ultrafast Laser Micromachining System

Picosecond and femtosecond laser micromachining can be used for the most challenging applications. The J Series combines the precision of picosecond laser micromachining with Oxford Lasers’ high stability granite structure and intuitive control software.

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Probe Drill Laser System

Specially designed for production of guide plate, the ProbeDrill is the answer to current and future production needs.

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Custom Micromachining System

Sometimes users need something special to optimise the system for their process.

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