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…laser-assisted digital fabrication for organic electronics

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UK and Catalan industrial-academic programme “DigiPRINT” to run for two years.

The European Union OLAE+ transnational funding scheme launched a digital fabrication research and development project called DigiPRINT, involving two UK partners, Oxford Lasers Ltd (project coordinator)and the Centre for Process Innovation as well as two Catalonian ones, Sensofar-Tech S.L. and the Universitat de Barcelona, group of Prof.P. Serra.  Funding bodies are the UK’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and ACCIO, the Catalonian agency for business competitiveness. The project is set to run for two years with a total budget of €1.2M.

The project will focus on low temperature, maskless digital fabrication of organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs) on large area rigid and flexible substrates for display backplane manufacturing.  Key objectives include (a) high resolution (<50?m) printing over large area with low leakage fast switching OTFT (on/off ratio >10^6), (b) high resolution defect repair using lasers and (c) the development of non-contact surface metrology tools suitable for online quality control in high volume R2R processing.  The novelty in the project stems from the intelligent use of industrial ultrafast DPSS lasers combined with non-contact optical metrology heads for real-time monitoring of deposition and patterning processes.

Dr Dimitris Karnakis, technical manager-R&D projects for Oxford Lasers commented: “we are absolutely delighted to collaborate with a strong group of internationally leading experts from CPI, Sensofar and Prof. Serra’s team of the University of Barcelona.  Altogether we possess an extensive skillset, state-of-art facilities and know-how that will help us advance OTFT developments to the next level. This consortium is aiming to develop advanced materials and exploit laser-based digital fabrication methods for high volume production of OTFTs for display backplanes.”

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