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Oxford Lasers offer new Leak Test Calibration Capability to Pharmaceutical Industry

A new in-house facility designed to produce calibrated micro holes to assist professionals in validating a package’s integrity.

In both the pharmaceutical and medical industries, packaging integrity is of the utmost importance. It is therefore essential to be able to accurately and routinely check packaging performance on leak testing equipment.In turn the performance of the test equipment needs to be checked both at initial installation and regularly during its service life. Oxford Lasers now offer the ability to directly drill and create small leak test orifices in a variety of packaging forms suitable for calibrating the leak test equipment.

Oxford Lasers, a company specialising in laser micromachining tools and services are pleased to announce the expansion of their laser micromachining subcontract facility with the addition of a new drilling system. With this system, Oxford Lasers now offer to the pharmaceutical and medical industries a reliable way of drilling small, calibrated leaks directly within the product packaging as used within these industries to confirm the performance of the test equipment.

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There are numerous methods employed to test the integrity of such packaging, but many are indirect, inaccurate or rely on dyes. Oxford Lasers offer the ability to directly drill into a multitude of packaging forms including blisterpacks, glass ampoules, glass vials, pouches, syringes, aerosol sprays, and so on. This ability now complements Oxford Lasers long standing ability to provide small calibrated pinholes in a variety of materials from metals and ceramics to plastics and glass.

In addition to being able to directly drill these traditionally difficult packaging forms, Oxford Lasers can provide a Certificate Of Conformity.

“We envisage this new system being equally appealing to both pharmaceutical end users and to leak test equipment manufacturers to whom we wish to offer a quick turnaround” said Alan Ferguson, Sales Director.

The ability to drill glass up to 1mm thick with holes down to 5 microns employs newly developed laser processing techniques. In addition blisterpacks, traditionally made from laminated foils, can also be easily drilled with a variety of hole sizes from 5 microns to 500 microns.

Please contact one of Oxford Lasers specialists for more information and to discuss specific needs.

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Micro Hole in Glass

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* Dependent on material and thickness

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