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Landmark decision sees Oxford Lasers successfully overturn patent on Characterisation of Sprays from Inhaled Drug Delivery Devices

Proveris patent has been overturned in win for Oxford Lasers Imaging Division.

Oxford Lasers have won a patent case allowing them to supply their ground breaking EnVision system for characterization of Drug delivery devices in Europe.

In a landmark decision the European Patent Office Board of Appeal has revoked Proveris patent EP 1210580, Spray Data Acquisition Method. The European patent, based on the US patent 6,785,400, Spray Data Acquisition System, was judged to be not new in the light of previous research papers submitted by Oxford Lasers. The Board of Appeal also rejected various amendments tabled by Proveris before irrevocably striking down the European patent.

“We are delighted with the outcome of this case”, said Dr. Seamus D Murphy (Head of Oxford Lasers Imaging) who commented that “It removes an entirely unfounded barrier to open competition in Europe. We look forward to supplying our advanced Envision system to pharmaceutical companies who wish to characterise sprays for Inhaled Drug Delivery Devices.”

Oxford Lasers Ltd, based in Didcot, Oxfordshire UK, supplies advanced optical systems for analysing sprays and small particles and also leading edge laser based micromachining tools.

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