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Start date : 01 dec 2012 – Duration 24 month

Presentation of the Project :

Project DigiPRINT explored low temperature, maskless digital fabrication of organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs) on large area substrates. Both “laser-assisted” inkjet printing (IJ) and “laser-induced forward transfer (LIFT)” of functional materials were investigated:

The project achieved:

  1. Large area high resolution (<10μm) printing by laser-assisted IJ and LIFT of functional OTFT materials
  2. Low leakage fast switching OTFT by laser direct-write selective layer nanopatterning (10^6 on/off ratio at high mobility)
  3. High resolution defect repair of (mis)printed lines (10μm) by digital laser transfer combining LIFT and laser sintering
  4. Non-contact surface metrology tools for online quality control suitable for high volume roll-to-roll processing.

The novelty in the project stemmed from the intelligent use of advanced and industrially robust ultrafast DPSS lasers combined with real-time monitoring of deposition and patterning processes by in-situ surface characterisation with non-contact optical metrology heads.

Novel OTFT materials where especially formulated to match IJ and laser patterning requirements.  The developed technology is R2R compatible and a laser prototype was designed integrating the optical metrology tools, laser microstructuring, laser transfer and laser curing modules.

Thanks to our partners :

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