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Start date : 01 jan 2013 ā€“ Duration 48 month

Organic Electronics is a rapidly emerging field that is expected to revolutionize conventional electronics, energy and photonic applications. Some of the most important OE applications include OPVs, e-paper, OLEDs for displays & lighting, sensors, TFBs and RFIDs. The target of the Smartonics project is the development of Pilot lines that will combine smart technologies with smart nanomaterials for the precision synthesis of Organic Electronic (OE) devices.

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The Smartonics objectives are:

1.Development of smart Nanomaterials for OEs (polymer & small molecule films, plasmonic NPs and super-barriers) by process and computational modeling optimization.

2.Development of smart Technologies (r2r printing and OVPD machines combined with precision sensing & laser tools and processes).

3.Integration of Nanomaterials & Technologies in Pilot lines for precision synthesis of Nanomaterials & OE devices, optimization, demonstration and evaluation for Industrial applications.

Smartonics will develop three Pilot lines:

a) OVPD Pilot line equipped with in-line optical sensing tools

b) r2r printing Pilot line, which will combine optical sensing and laser processing tools

c) s2s Pilot line for the precision fabrication of OE devices (e.g. OLEDs, sensors from state-of-the-art Nanomaterials) and for the evaluation of encapsulation of these devices. The above will be up-scaled in Industrial processes.

The consortium consists of 18 European partners (Universities, Companies and Organisations).

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