velocity and direction

velocity and direction

Spray Droplet and Particle Size with Velocity and Direction

Visisize’s unique sizing algorithms allow simultaneous measurement of particle size and velocity with direction. This means that you can correlate the sizes of particles or droplets with their velocity. Discover whether the velocity gradient in your spray is related to size and work out what parameters you need to change to get the result you desire. Learn why VisiSize is an alternative to PDPA systems.

Non-Intrusive Online Analysis

Our powerful online analysis systems measure particle diameter, shape and velocity distributions for solids, liquid sprays and gases suspended in any transparent medium. No other droplet sizing system is as intuitive to use as direct imaging equipment.

Intuitive to Use

If you can operate a camcorder or digital camera, you can master a VisiSizer sizing system. There is no complex alignment or calibration procedure, and the VisiSize software handles all the hard parts for you. Discover how easy our systems are by learning about our software.

Image-based sizing measures shape

Air inclusion in a spray droplet, captured with a Visisize system

On the right is the first ever in-flight image of the output from an agricultural “air-inclusion” nozzle. From this image, taken from a VisiSize system, not only are the water drops non-spherical, but air bubbles are visible within them. Other measurement techniques such as PDA or laser diffraction would mis-size the water droplet without indicating they had done so – and you would never have known about the air inclusions.

A powerful research tool

VisiSizer systems also double as very powerful laser imaging systems. As well as capturing images for measurement, the systems can image the nozzle and the break-up and drop formation processes. This provides a very valuable insight into nozzle effects and problems. Combined with the quantitative diameter data image based sizing is an extremely powerful tool for R&D.

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